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Our Mission

Here at Eco Tree, we believe that it is of utmost importance to reduce our environmental impact.

We are constantly looking to find more implementable, environmentally-friendly solutions; and we would love for you to join us on this meaningful journey.

Hong Kong will implement controls on disposable plastic items starting from April 22. Hotels and guesthouses are banned from providing disposable toiletries and in-room plastic-bottled water for free.

Hotels can provide disposable bottled water and other regulated plastic items, but they must provide them as separate charges and the charges must be listed separately on the bill. If necessary, travelers can pay to purchase their own toiletries from the hotel or bring their own.

What We Do


We recycle plastic water bottles and work with a local recycling firm, achieving a recycling rate of more than 90%.


We encourage book-sharing; where guests can leave their old books at our eco-tree and take other books for their own reading leisure.


We also have our own book featuring our eco-friendly practices along with environmentally conscious tips and tricks.